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EK Bailey Construction
Neon Lighting & Display, Messerly Dry Wall, Mike Adams Painting, Adams Interiors

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Show Information

Beverly's Terrace Plaza Playhouse's Production of


Roald Dahl's


The Musical


Music & Lyrics By: Tim Minchin

Book By: Dennis Kelly

“Matilda was first commissioned and produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company and premiered at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, England on 9 November 2010. It transferred to the Cambridge Theatre in the West End of London on 25 October 2011 and received its US premiere at the Shubert Theatre, Broadway, USA on 4 March 2013.”

Directed By: Aaron Larsen-Ford & Bryant Larsen-Ford

Music Direction By: Jamie Balaich

Choreography By: Aaron Larsen-Ford

Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical
Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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Production Team

In loving memory of Blaine and Beverly Olsen

Producer: Jacci Olsen Florence

Director: Aaron Larsen-Ford 

Assistant Director: Bryant Larsen-Ford

Music Director: Jamie Balaich

Choreographer: Aaron Larsen-Ford 

Assistant to the Producer: Tara Payne

Technical Directors: Miland Palmer & Mark Ellis

Sound Designer: Miland Palmer 

Lighting Designer: Miland Palmer

Sound Operators: Becky Montgomery, Sheldon Cheshire, Steve Peterson

Light Operators: Matthew Burt, Alex Montgomery, Andrea Scanlan, Max Fawcett

Costume Design: Stephanie Bruckman

Sewing Assistants: Jim Tatton, Andrea Scanlon, Teresa Shreve

Wigs: Jamila Holt Lowe

Stage Manager: Emma Palmer

Prop Design: Bryant Larsen-Ford, Matthew Ford

Prop Manager: Lindy Combe

Child Attendent: Stacy Ronnow

Set Construction: Nathan Fawcett, Brian Sears, Miland Palmer, Bryant Larsen-Ford, Aaron Larsen-Ford, Mathew Ford 

Set Painting: Mark Harnois, Matthew Ford, Stacy Ronnow, Kysa Ronnow, Jim Tatton, Wendy, Tatton, Ayden Tatton, Mandi Bloxham, Natalie Peterson, Justin Lee, Josie Lee, Tyler Roberts, Julia Warner, Aaron Larsen-Ford, Bryant Larsen-Ford, Karolee Keith

Box Office: Lisa Stratton, Tara Payne, Linda Palmer, Chad & Tani Lynch, Angie Winter, Brenda Smith, Maddi Barlow

Concessions: Jim Stratton

House Manager: Olyvia Winter

IT Specialists: Chad Lynch, Colton Lynch, Steve Petersen

Marketing/Sponsorship: Brady Stratton

Playbill: Brady Stratton

Playhouse Photographer: Cassie Gallegos

Producer's Note

What a year 2020 turned out to be – for all of us! The great thing is, we were able to take having to close our doors for the safety of our actors, staff and patrons and find the silver lining in putting the down time to the very best possible use. The desperately needed remodel to the façade of our beloved Playhouse was able to actually happen. We have for a very long time designed, planned and down right hoped we could actually remodel the front of our theatre. There are many many people to THANK, but let us start with those who actually contributed to physically making this a reality:

  • Washington Terrace City

  • EK Bailey Construction

  • Neon Lighting & Display

  • Messerly Dry Wall

  • Mike Adams Painting

  • Adams Interiors

  • Moss Industrial

There are not enough words to THANK the Playhouse Family that came when called to put hours and hours of muscle into cleaning, hauling, repairing, etc etc etc!! Whenever we called, our Playhouse family came almost running to contribute and help with whatever the task to help with Playhouse projects. THANK YOU, friends. We love you and are so grateful for your support! Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse is truly your community theatre and we look forward to many seasons of theatre enjoyment with you!

-Kim & Jacci Florence

Director's Note

We all know Matilda in some way or another. Either from our childhood experience of reading the classic Roahld Dahl book, or for the millennials out there, our infatuation with the 1996 Danny Devito directed adaptation. No matter how you were first introduced to Matilda, we are so excited to welcome you into her world once again. 

As we began to explore this world, we knew it was vital to tell this story through the viewpoint of Matilda herself. We as audience members get to go on this incredible journey, and at times are asked to suspend our disbelief and enjoy the exaggeration that is a child's imagination. We all long for the moment when we can grow up, until we actually grow up and dream about growing down. Matilda is a chance to take a pause and remember what it felt like to be a child, what it felt like to experience growing up, and to once again experience finding our own voice. Matilda is at the very core a story about triumph, perseverance, and goodness. Join us as we welcome you and your inner child into the extraordinary world of Matilda: The Musical. 


Scene / Song List

Act One


  • Miracle

  • Naughty

  • Acrobat Story 1

  • School Song

  • Pathetic

  • The Hammer

  • Naughty Reprise- Superglue

  • Chokey Chant

  • Loud

  • This Little Girl

  • Acrobat Story 2

  • Bruce


Act Two

  • Telly

  • When I Grow Up

  • Acrobat Story 3

  • Acrobat Story 4- I'm Here

  • The Smell of Rebellion 

  • Quiet

  • My House

  • Revolting Children

  • Priyatna Paznakomitsa / This Little Girl Reprise

  • Bows/ When I Grow Up Reprise




Cast List

Revolting Cast | Naughty Cast

Matilda Wormwood

Victoria Bingham Daphne Dixon

Miss Jenny Honey

Natalie Peterson | Maren Messerly

Miss Agatha Trunchbull

John Rollins

Mr. Wormwood

Justin Lee

Mrs. Wormwood

Andrea Sorenson | Whitney Cahoon

Michael Wormwood / Boy #1

Jace Fawcett | Flash Kiernan

Bruce Bogtrotter

Jacob Tousley


Everleigh Jensen Malan Poll

Amanda Thrip

Nora DespainAliya Shreve


Henry FlegalAmauree Mack


Owen TalbotDeclan McAlhany


Lydia Peterson | Julia Warner


Quinn Fawcett | Beckett Ronnow


Josie Lee | Scarlette Johnson

Mrs. Phelps/Entertainer/Woman #1

Kara Jensen | Michelle Clark

Escapologist/Man #2

Matt Ford | Isaac Larsen

Acrobat/Woman #2

Kaylee Wheeler | Savannah Shapiro 


Erik Hawkins

Sergi/Cook/Man #1

Nathan Fawcett | Jim Tatton

Doctor/Boy #3

Tyler Roberts

Girl #1

Romni Allen | Amanda Bloxham

Girl #2

Natalia Bingham | Ivy Combe

Girl #3

Jenni Cooper | Mary Hampton

Girl #4

Mia Palmer | Kysa Ronnow

Girl #5

Macie Keith | Kyra Scanlon

Boy #2

Spencer Stevens

Boy #4

Holden Braegger


Miss Agatha Trunchbull: Aaron Larsen-Ford

Mr. Wormwood: Tyler Roberts

Bruce: Amauree Mack

Rudolpho: Spencer Stevens


Cast Bios


Season Lineup