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Show Information

Beverly's Terrace Plaza Playhouse's Production of



The Scarlet Pimpernel
Book & Lyrics by Nan Knighton

Music by Frank Wildhorn

Based on the novel "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy

Originally Produced on Broadway by Radio City Entertainment and Ted Forstmann

Directed By: Leslie Richards

Music Direction By: Terresa Shreve

Choreography By: Ginny Spencer Waldron

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.


The Scarlet Pimpernel
Is presented through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals

Concord Theatricals
250 W. 57th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10107-0102


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Production Team

In loving memory of Blaine and Beverly Olsen

Producer: Jacci Olsen Florence

Director: Leslie Richards

Assistant to Director: Ivy Combe

Music Director: Terresa Shreve

Choreographer: Ginny Spencer Waldron

Fight Choreographer: Quinton Gellman

Stage Manager: Tyler O'Bagy

Stage Crew: Elia Miller, Kami Lowery, Adam Baird, Hailey Graham

Assistant to the Producer: Tara Payne

Technical Directors: Miland Palmer & Mark Ellis

Sound Designer: Miland Palmer

Lighting Designer: Mark Ellis

Sound Operators: Emma Palmer

Light Operators: Alex Jackson, Mark Ellis, Val Seiler

Costume Design (Male): Jim Tatton

Percy and Chauvelin's Costume: Penny Hepworth

Costume Design (Female): Stephanie Petersen

FOP Costumes: Robin Grover

Costume Assistants: Tara Payne, Jacci Florence

Milliner: Jacci Florence 

Wig Specialist: Jamila Lowe

Prop Manager: Elia Miller

Set Builder: Nathan Fawcett

Scenic Painter: Jennifer Lewis

Set Painter Assistant: Cast

Prop and Set Helpers: Pimpernel Cast

Lobby Documentary: Derek Hendricks

Special Thanks: John Richards

Building/Scene Room Manager: Nathan Fawcett

Box Office: Lisa Stratton, Tara Payne, Linda Palmer, Chad & Tani Lynch, Angie Winter, Brenda Smith, Maddi Barlow

Concessions: Jim Stratton

House Manager: Olyvia Winter

IT Specialists: Chad Lynch, Colton Lynch, Steve Petersen

Marketing/Sponsorship: Brady Stratton

Playbill: Brady Stratton

Playhouse Photographer: Cassie Gallegos

Producer's Note

Here it is 2022 and the beginning of our 30th season. It’s almost hard to believe that 30 years ago we were just beginning this journey of bringing community theatre to this area. We opened with A Christmas Carol and it’s been a fun filled extremely full endeavor ever since. 


FUN FACT: To date we’ve produced 206 main productions and 49 Children Theatre productions. That’s approximately 4,650 performances and way too many Cast Pictures to line the walls. This season we selected favorite productions from over the past 30 years, starting with the hit ‘Forever Plaid’. Take a look at our season, we’re positive you’ll find a favorite or two you’ll want to be sure and see or better yet – join us for all 7 shows!

ANOTHER FUN FACT: After 30 years of young actors growing up on this stage, there have been many to go on to perform at bigger venues, and other theatres. Some have learned the skills to help them receive college scholarships. It is our privilege to welcome back some of our talented performers that basically grew up on this stage as: directors, set designers/builders, costumers, wig designers, marketing directors, house managers, choreographers as well as actors, etc. etc. etc.

It is our desire to continue what was started in 1992 to bring to this community a place where we can be entertained, share our talents, make lasting life long memories and friends.

Jacci and Kim Florence

Director's Note

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is based on one book in a series written by Baroness Orczy. It occurs in the midst of the French Revolution. Percy Blakeney is an English nobleman who forms a band of crusaders that sneak into France and rescues the noble families scheduled for the guillotine. Although a fictional story, it is based on historical facts of the time, with many characters based on real people.

I am using this production for my senior project as I am getting my Master's degree in Stage-Directing. I knew I needed a stellar cast and crew and boy, did I get one. Not only amazingly talented and hard- working but such kind, thoughtful humans. I feel that THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is the perfect musical. It has great characters, amazing music, a tantalizing love triangle, beautiful costumes, and sword fighting! What more could you ask for?

I remember seeing THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL with Beverly Olsen many years ago. She was so excited to see this show on stage, however, she died before we had the chance. I think of her each time this show is performed- we did it, Bev! My heart is in this show. The music speaks to my soul. I hope you enjoy our production and let your friends and family know they should get their tickets. In these dubious times, I think the question Percy asks, affects us all: “What should we do when the world turns upside down?”

Thank you, Leslie Richards


Scene/Song List

Act One

  • Prologue

  • "Storybook” – Marguerite & Ensemble

  • “Madame Guillotine” – Chauvelin, St. Cyr, & Ensemble

  • “You Are My Home” – Percy, Marguerite, & Ensemble

  • “Prayer” – Percy

  • “Into The Fire” – Percy, Armand, Ozzy, Dewhurst, Elton, Farleigh, Hal, & Ben

  • “Falcon In The Dive” – Chauvelin

  • “When I Look At You”—Marguerite

  • Reprise: “When I Look At You” – Percy & Marguerite

  • “Where’s The Girl” – Chauvelin

  • “You Are My Home”: Garden Reprise – Marguerite & Armand

  • “The Creation of Man” – Percy, Ozzy, Dewhurst, Elton, Farleigh, Hal, & Ben

  • “The Riddle” –  Chauvelin, Percy, Marguerite, & Offstage Chorus


Act Two

  • “The Scarlet Pimpernel” – Percy, Marguerite, & Ensemble

  • “They Seek” – Percy, Marguerite, Chauvelin, Elton, Farleigh, Dewhurst, Ozzy, Prince of Wales, & Ensemble

  • “She Was There” – Percy

  • Bistro Reprise: “Storybook” – Marguerite & Ensemble

  • Reprise: “Where Is The Girl” – Chauvelin

  • Reprise: “Into The Fire” – The Bounders: Ozzy, Dewhurst, Farleigh, Elton, Hal, & Ben

  • “I’ll Forget You” – Marguerite & Ensemble

  • Finale/Reprise: “When I Look At You” – Marguerite, Percy, & Offstage Chorus

  • Bows/Reprise: “Into The Fire” – Ensemble: Percy & Company




Cast List



Jeremy Gross


Maxx Teuscher


Jessica Andrus


Steve Peterson


Adam Gneiting


Matt Page


Brian Sears


Erik Hawkins


Tad Wilson


Jaron Michaelis


Ginny Spencer


Daniel Pittam


Nathan Fawcett


Jon Talbot

Prince of Wales

Quin Geilman

Sentry at the Ball

Duane Beesley



Mallory Barlow

Tessa Shelton

Emily States

Melissa Thomas

Jenny Sears

Brooklyn Stott

Arianna Evans

Shiloh Callins

Sabrina Johansen

Max Fawcett

Spencer Stevens

Jeff Teeples

Jace Fawcett

Kelby Talbot

Daniel Pittam

Duane Beesley

Nathan Fawcett

Jon Talbot

Quin Geilman

Troy Love


Cast Bios


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