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Show Information

Beverly's Terrace Plaza Playhouse's

Production of


The Little Mermaid

Music by Alan Menken | Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater | Book by Doug Wright

Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and the Disney film
produced by Howard Ashman & John Musker
and written & directed by John Musker and Ron Clements


Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions

Directed By: Carol Madsen

Orchestrations by Danny Troob
Incidental Music and Vocal Arrangements by Michael Kosarin
Dance Arrangements by David Chase

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

Disney's The Little Mermaid
Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Show Information


Production Team

In loving memory of Blaine and Beverly Olsen

Executive Producer: Jacci Olsen Florence

Director: Carol Madsen

Music Director: Whitney Cahoon

Assistant Music Director: Quacee Dorby

Choreographer: Ginny Spencer Waldron

Stage Manager: Deklyn Searle

Costume Design: Jamila Lowe

Costume Staff: Jim Tatton, Penny Hepworth, Stacy Ronnow, Katelyn Webb, Jacci Florence, Tara Payne, Darci Hansen, Hailey Jasper, Kami Lowery, Kelsey Porter, Jana Bailey

Set Design/Construction: JD Madsen, Nathan Fawcett, Dave Madsen

Set Painters: Jenny & Brian Sears, Morgan Golightly, Kayli Sorenson, Kaylee Wheeler

Props: Sharla Jordan, Andrea Silotti

Assistant to the Producer: Tara Payne

Technical Directors: Miland Palmer & Mark Ellis

Assistant Technical Director: Emma Palmer

Sound Designer: Emma Palmer

Lighting Designer: Danielle Loveland/Miland Palmer 

Sound & Light Operators: Jon Talbot, Stacy Ronnow, Tyler Delia, Kat Monson, Hayley Hayes, Danielle Loveland

Building/Scene Room Manager: Nathan Fawcett

Box Office: Lisa Stratton, Tara Payne, Chad & Tani Lynch, Angie Winter, Brenda Smith, Stacy Ronnow

Concessions: Jim Stratton

House Manager: Stacy Ronnow

IT Specialists: Chad Lynch, Colton Lynch, Steve Petersen

Marketing Director/Playbill: Brady Stratton

Development Director: Bryant Larsen-Ford

Playhouse Photographer: Cassie Gallegos

Director's Note

“…The secret to happiness, child, is not to wish for impossible things.” -Grimsby to Ariel in Act 2

Yet, we all have our secret dreams, impossible wishes, unmet needs, and hopes that seem never to be realized. As Ariel contemplates Grimsby’s well-intentioned counsel, she (and others in her story) sing “If Only.” The title says it all. If only... If only I had this… If only she would… If only we could all… How many “if onlys” do each of us have in our hearts, and how much time and effort do we exert wishing for those impossible hopes to be reality? And what compromises are we
willing to concede in order for our “if onlys” to become realities?

Ariel dreams of being part of the human world. Eric imagines a girl who is as wild and fearless as the sea. Grimsby works tirelessly to prepare Eric for the throne, including finding a queen. Triton longs for his beloved wife and struggles to connect with the child who is most like his lost love. Sebastian sees himself as a world-famous composer. Flounder is hopelessly in love with their best friend, Ariel. The mersisters compete to be Daddy’s favorite. Ursula desires to rule
the sea with her father’s trident and her magic shell.

Each has to reconcile the dreams in their hearts to their reality. How each one comes to that acceptance and peace is the story of The Little Mermaid. We share much more than the story of a young mermaid who willfully defies her father and loves outside her species. Our cast has explored the stories within all of the characters. Look to find their stories, their growth, and celebrate the granting of wishes with us! Thank you for being a part of our world…

Carol Madsen and the family of The Little Mermaid

Producer's Note

The season continues with The Little Mermaid, then Dirty Rotten Scoundrels followed by Sister Act. We are privileged to offer a community theatre experience where we can relax and enjoy the arts through drama, comedy and be entertained maybe even enlightened as we present tonight’s production. We hope you will share the word with friends and neighbors to come and take advantage of all that we have to offer here at the Playhouse. Enjoy tonight’s performance, we so appreciate your

Jacci and Kim Florence

Production Team


Scene / Song List

Act 1

  • Overture

  • The World Above

  • Fathoms Below

  • Daughters of Triton

  • If Only (Triton's Lament)

  • Daddy's Little Angel

  • Part of Your World

  • The Storm

  • Part of Your World (Reprise)

  • She's in Love

  • Her Voice

  • Under the Sea

  • If Only (Ariel's Lament)

  • Sweet Child

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls

  • Act 1 Finale

Act 2

  • Entr'acte

  • Positoovity

  • Positaggity

  • Beyond My Wildest Dreams

  • Les Poisson

  • Les Poissons (Reprise)

  • One Step Closer

  • Daddy s Little Angel (Reprise)

  • Kiss the Girl

  • If Only (Quartet)

  • The Contest

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)

  • Ariel's Transformation

  • Finale Ultimo

Scene/Song List


Cast List

Land Cast | Sea Cast


Sydney McAlister | Kaylee Wheeler


Beckett Ronnow | Grace Moore


Ian Wellisch | Quacee Dorby


Terran Lowe | Ryland Mahony

Prince Eric

Kelby Talbot | Drew Saddler

King Triton

Sheldon Cheshire


Emily States | Olivia Lusk

Chef Louis

Carla Zarate | Shane Alvey


Gary Robertson | Kim Florence


Lydia Cheshire | Shaelynn Wright


Jenna Francis | Davin Loveland


Ginny Waldron


Shantell Eisenbarth


Aleksa Poulter


Hailey Burt


Kayli Sorensen


Arianna Evans


Andrew Slade


Luke Collier


Arica Carpenter, Max Fawcett, Alyssa Horton, Sabrina Johansen, Char Mills, Wendylee Nagel, Sterling Nelson, McLain Reid, Kysa Ronnow, Spencer Stevens, David Storm, Michael Storm, Amber Storm, Lila Telford

Cast List

Cast Bios

Cast Bios
Season Lineup

 Season Lineup

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