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Also a special thanks to 

Weber High School, 

Crown Casters & Handtrucks,

EK Bailey Construction
Neon Lighting & Display, Messerly Dry Wall, Mike Adams Painting, Adams Interiors

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Show Information

Beverly's Terrace Plaza Playhouse's Production of





Music By: Alan Menken

Lyrics By: Jack Feldman

Book By: Harvey Fierstein

Based on the Disney Film written by Bob Tzudiker and Noni White

Originally produced on Broadway by

Disney Theatrical Productions

Orchestrations by Danny Troob

Incidental Music & Vocal Arrangement by Michael Kosarin

Dance Arrangements by Mark Hummel

Directed By: Kate Rufener

Music Direction By: Jessica Love

Choreography By: Megan Call


Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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Production Team

In loving memory of Blaine and Beverly Olsen

Producer: Jacci Olsen Florence

Director: Kate Rufener

Music Director: Jessica Love

Choreographer: Megan Call

Stage Manager: Meg Roberts

Assistant Stage Manager: Courtney Johnston

Assistant to the Producer: Tara Payne

Assistant Director: Kaylee Wheeler

Assistant Director: Rachel Lee

Technical Directors: Miland Palmer & Mark Ellis

Sound Designer: Miland Palmer & Emma Palmer

Lighting Designer: Mark Ellis

Sound Operators: Emma Palmer, Steve Petersen, Sheldon Cheshire

Light Operators: Ivy Combe, Jill Savoie, Nathan Fawcett

Costume Design: Jamila Lowe, Jim Tatton & Stephanie Peterson

Set Construction: VanderMeyden Family, Montgomery Family, Deklyn Searle, David Hales, KC Behr, Stacy Ronnow, Vern Reid

Painting Design: Cheryl Diana Richardson, Jason Shumate, Brittany Ann Mosher

Props: Kaylee Wheeler

Box Office: Lisa Stratton, Tara Payne, Linda Palmer, Chad & Tani Lynch, Angie Winter, Brenda Smith, Maddi Barlow

Concessions: Jim Stratton

House Manager: Olyvia Winter

Marketing/Sponsorship: Brady Stratton

Playbill: Brady Stratton

Playhouse Photographer: Cassie Gallegos

Producer's Note

What a year 2020 turned out to be – for all of us! The great thing is, we were able to take having to close our doors for the safety of our actors, staff and patrons and find the silver lining in putting the down time to the very best possible use. The desperately needed remodel to the façade of our beloved Playhouse was able to actually happen. We have for a very long time designed, planned and down right hoped we could actually remodel the front of our theatre. There are many many people to THANK, but let us start with those who actually contributed to physically making this a reality:

  • Washington Terrace City

  • EK Bailey Construction

  • Neon Lighting & Display

  • Messerly Dry Wall

  • Mike Adams Painting

  • Adams Interiors

  • Moss Industrial

There are not enough words to THANK the Playhouse Family that came when called to put hours and hours of muscle into cleaning, hauling, repairing, etc etc etc!! Whenever we called, our Playhouse family came almost running to contribute and help with whatever the task to help with Playhouse projects. THANK YOU, friends. We love you and are so grateful for your support! Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse is truly your community theatre and we look forward to many seasons of theatre enjoyment with you!

-Kim & Jacci Florence

Director's Note

America has a lot of difficult issues right now. From sweeping cultural change to social justice reform to a painfully divided citizenship, there are some problems that seem too big to even face, let alone fix. What does this have to do with Newsies?


This is a story about a small group of kids (teenagers, at that) who decide that they won't accept a harmful issue forced on them by one of the biggest industries America has ever known. The characters are based on a very real group of people who risked their lives to challenge those in power.


But those events? They're only half the story.


The other half of the story is written in "ink or in blood" between the historical facts of the events.  It's about using the power of the press to spread hope and truth. It's about how class and wealth can be used for harm - or for good. It's about using words instead of fists. It's about how passion and heart and loyalty can be the foundations of change. It's about leveraging our outrage to choose compromise, so we can recognize the common ground we already share. It's about building bridges between painful divides.


It's about making "someday become somehow". With some powerful songs/lyrics and a bit of storytelling, we hope to offer both entertaining relief and actionable thoughts about how change can happen. If you, like our cast and crew, wish to help resolve the painful issues we're facing, we ask that you consider one small change you can adopt from tonight's story. We believe that one tremulous step of courageous connection can mean the start of a powerful bridge that can unite us once and for all.


Enjoy the show!

Kate Rufener - Director


Scene / Song List

Act One


  • Santa Fe / Prologue

  • Carrying the Banner

  • The Bottom Line

  • That's Rich

  • I Never Planned On You / Don't Come a-Knockin

  • The World Will Know

  • Watch What Happens

  • Seize the Day

  • Santa Fe


Act Two

  • King of New York

  • Letter From the Refuge

  • Watch What Happens- Reprise

  • The Bottom Line- Reprise

  • Brooklyn's Here

  • Something To Believe In

  • Once and for All

  • Seize the Day- Reprise

  • Finale- Ultimo 


Cast List

Jack Kelly | KC Behr

Crutchie | Shane Alvey

Davey | Gage Reese

Les | Daphne Dixon

Katherine Plumber | Brittney Ann Mosher

Joseph Pulitzer | David Hales

Medda Larkin | Laura Anderson

Albert | Jaden Bickle

Buttons | Deklyn Searle

Elmer Megan Christiansen

Finch | Evan Jensen

Mike | Beckett Ronnow

Romeo | Silas Hagelberg

Splasher | Sarah Heywood

Henry | Rylan Cheshire

Ike | Christine Bernards

JoJo | Pace Dixon

Mush | Trey Dixon

Race | Jason Shumate

Specs | Annakaitlyn Burningham

Tommy Boy | Jayci Wangsgard

Wiesel | Ty Dixon

Oscar Delancey | Jaxon Franc

Morris Delancey | Emma Meaney

Junior Delancey | Cash Dixon

Snyder | Klint Heywood

Governor Teddy Roosevelt

Mike Florence

Mrs. Jacobi | Becky Montgomery

Spot Conlin | Shayla Florence

Darcy | Rebecka Hellewell

Bill | Cooper Merrill

Seitz | Dustin Young

Bunsen | John Christiansen

Hannah | Ginny Spencer

Nunzio/Mayor/Newsie | John Pizzello

Larks/Scabs/Brooklyn Newsies

Lucy Barratt

Belle Brady

Jenna Francis

Abby Montgomery

Isabelle Page

Mia Palmer

Semira Scott

Shayla Florence

Mikelle Shupe

Emma VanderMeyden


Jayne Barnum

Kenzie Bate

Kyler Behr

Mikayla Benedict

Alyssa Christiansen

Emerson Griffin

Grace McDonald

Allison Montgomery

Kaylee Nelson

Kysa Ronnow

Sophia Stults

Jayci Wangsgard

Sophia Wilson

Brogan Wright

Hinckley Wright


Ashely Barnum

Stacey Dixon

McLain Reid

Christianna Szymanski


Cast Bios


Season Lineup