Audition Notices

Save the Date!


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: 

Directed by Susan Wilhelm


  • Audition Date: 12-11-2021 

  • Callback date: 12-18-2021

  • Audition will be virtual- upload your audition at the link below by 12-11-21

  • Rehearsals will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings

  • The show runs from 02-25-2022 through 04-09-2022

  • The entire show will be double cast

Tips for Uploading Your Audition: 

  • Make sure your YouTube video is not set to private!

  • You can upload your audition form under "Resume" or you can take a picture of it and put it under pictures

  • EVERY person auditioning needs their own Casting Manager Profile set up with their own individual email and information

  • Make sure you have uploaded a headshot and that your First and Last name are correct in your profile. 



  • MILLY BRADON: age: 25-35 – A feisty, beautiful frontier woman with a vibrant sense of humor

  • ADAM PONTIPEE: 35-45 – The oldest of seven brothers. Tall and good looking. A farmer and hunter. Vigorous. Confident. 


ALICE: 15-16: Sweet, not too bright, and ultra clean

GIDEON: 16-17: Youngest brother; shy; sensitive

JEB: a carpenter
DORCAS: works in parents store, pushes the dress code.

BENJAMIN: Second oldest/in command; a take-charge guy
NATHAN: young lawyer
RUTH: teacher, practical; problem solver. 

CALEB: a hunter, solid guy
LUKE: works in the general store
LIZA: best friends w/Martha – two sides of the same coin

DANIEL: like a twin with Ephraim
MATT:  Blacksmith
MARTHA:  best friends with Liz

EPHRAIM:  like a twin with Daniel
JOEL: blacksmith
SARAH: “tom boy” – has all brothers, exuberant
FRANK: Hot head – always ready to erupt

ZEKE: carpenter

MR. HOALLUM: owner of general store, town mayor. Father of Dorcas

MRS. HOALLUM: mayor’s wife – mother of Dorcas

MR. SANDER: owner of local restaurant – Father of Ruth

MRS. SANDER: wife of above and mother of Ruth

PREACHER: Sarah’s Father

Scarlet Pimpernel: TBA

Directed by Leslie Richards