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Audition Notices

Get the latest information regarding auditions and callbacks for Northern Utah's family favorite theater!

The Little Mermaid | Audition Notice | Directed by Carol Madsen

We will be accepting video audition submissions through Casting Manager due March 28th  by 10:00 pm. (Link Coming Soon!


In person auditions March 30th at 1:00.  


CALLBACKS April 6th at 1:00.  Sides will be provided by mid-March, music will be taught at the callbacks. 


Ariel   (over 18) The protagonist of The Little Mermaid - is a vibrant and free-spirited mermaid who dreams of exploring the world beyond her underwater kingdom

Prince Eric  (over 25)  The charming love interest!  Eric is dashing and kind-hearted.  He is as fascinated with the sea as Ariel is with the land.

King Triton  (over 35) The ruler of Atlantica, and doting father of quite a few daughters.  He struggles between the love he has for Ariel and his protectiveness of her.  

Ursula  (over 30)  The sinister sea witch - is a comic villain.  Ursula desires control and vengeance.  Her battle against the heroes is a testament to the strength of love, friendship, and determination.

Sebastian  (over 30) The crabby chaperone1  Sebastian is charismatic, uptight, and is unfailingly loyal.  His loyalties are tested when they conflict, but he is a steady ally and mentor to Ariel.

Flounder  (over 18) The best friend.  Loyal and lovable, Flounder is a great example of true companionship, even when facing the unknown.

Scuttle  (over 18)  The quirky counselor.  Scruttle is eccentric, and is Ariel's unconventional guide to the human world.  Scuttle shows that even unlikely friends can offer invaluable insights and wisdom.

Grimsby  (over 40)  Prince Eric's loyal advisor.  Grimsby is a practical and level-headed man, whose primary concern for Eric's happiness and wek-being motivates him to accept Ariel as a member of the royal family.

Flotsam and Jetsam: (over 18)  The cunning eel minions.  These two serve as Ursula's eyes and ears throughout the kingdom.  They assist in manipulating Ariel into making her dangerous bargain with Ursula.  Their presence adds a chilling layer of menace to the show.

Ariel's Sisters (over 20)  The "A team"  Ariel's six older sisters highlight the vibrant and diverse world of Atlantica. Each sister has her own personality and style, showcasing the richness of the underwater kingdom they call home.

Seahorse  (over 18)  King Triton's royal herald.  Seahorse announces royal arrivals, and announces proclamations. Seahorse helps underscore the grandeur and formality of the underwater court.

Carlotta (over 30)  Warmhearted housekeeper; Carlotta is very motherly, and takes Ariel under her wing - which is so comforting to Ariel, who has not had a mother for some time.



2024 Audition Dates- Mark Your Calendars!

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | May 11th | In-person Auditions, Video accepted- More Info Coming Soon

  • Sister Act | TBA

  • Scrooge, A Christmas Carol | TBA

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