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Scrooge, A Christmas Carol: September 18th

Directed by Jacci Florence

We are happy to announce the Callbacks for the 2021 Scrooge, A Christmas Carol.  Callbacks will be held in the rehearsal hall on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at the times listed below. (If you have seen any other date posted, it was in our error). 

Please be aware masks are required.  

If you do not see your name on this callback list - that does not mean you are not in the show - please keep your eye out for the Final Cast List which will be posted by September 30th. 
7:00 pm Isabelle's & Young Scrooge’s
7:30 pm All Cratchit’s
8:15 pm Young Ebenezer & Fanny
8:45 pm Hannah & Audrey & Scrooge
9:15 pm Fred & Mr. Cratchit & Scrooge

If your name is listed, please check your email from Casting Manager to accept/decline your callback invite.
Thank you so much- Scrooge, A Christmas Carol Production Team


*Bob Cratchit:
Jim Alvy
Brian Sears
Brian Walker
Kade Sadler
*Mrs. Cratchit:
Tracie Davies
Stacey Dixon
Hailey Jasper
Jamie Talbot
Amanda Smith
*Martha Cratchit:
Lilianne Bailey
Kysa Ronnow
Mak Hansen
Sophia Stults
Brenna Pickett
Jetta LeBaron
*Peter Cratchit:
Owen Talbot
Declan McAlhany
Owen Arnell
Cougar Spens
*Sarah Cratchit:
Brooklyn Spens
Lena Bailey
Daphne Dixon
Sicily Collings
Andi Christensen
Molly Whitby
Raven Murphy
Hannah Jolley
Kyla Hyde
*Kathy Cratchit:
Reese Talbot
Rachel Rollins
Shelby Jasper
Sonya Murphy
*Tiny Tim Cratchit:
Slade Talbot
Beckett Ronnow
Bradley Nelson
Ben Johnson
Clark Jasper
Cash Dixon
Trevor Griffin
Kade Sadler
Jason Hansen
Troy Love
Carla Zarate
Tory Sandoval
Emily Whitby
Jamie Talbot
Stacy Ronnow
Mischelle Briggs
Virginia Stotts
Maren Messerly
Brenna Pickett
Morgan Talbot
Bria Snow
Rachel Clark
*Young Scrooge:
Clayton Johnson
Wyatt Pickett
Flash Kiernan
Troy Love
Molly Whitby
Andi Christensen
Daphne Dixon
Hannah Jolly
*Young Ebenezer:
Owen Arnell
Declan McAlhany
Owen Talbot 
Jack Whitby

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: December 18th

Directed by Susan Wilhelm

Scarlet Pimpernel: TBA

Directed by Leslie Richards